No 18 Smögen ”Dante”

Alcohol by volume: 57,8%

Cask: Ex Sauternes barrique

No 18: Smögen ”Dante” (a.k.a. ”The Bloodhound”), the first 10 yo bottling, at 57,8 % abv and released in the summer of 2021. Fully matured in four ex Sauternes barrique casks with a base from merely lightly peated malt, this whisky is a honeyed fruit salad on the nose, sprinkled with freshly baked bread crumbs, dark chocolate and some nutmeg and clove. Bottled in honour of the distillery dog, Dante the Bloodhound, who with his superior sense of smell has been at the distillery all the way from the very first bottling, greeting passing casks as well as visitors with an intrusive sniff and a kind wagging of the tail.